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Updated Oct 10, 2017

Tampa Palms CDD

Board Financial Analysis

(FY Oct 1, 2016 - Sept 30, 2017)


Twelve Months Ending September 30, 2017          

Final FY 2016-17 Report


Executive Summary

FY 2016-17 final financial results were $ 280 K favorable to budget, with $ 80 K due to delayed projects; monies to be spent later and $ 200 K representing earned savings accruing to the General Fund balance.

As a result the District closed the year with a cash balance of $ 4.2 million, net of liabilities.

 We have specific uses for $ 2.6 M of this balance, with $ 1.6 M un-allocated per the below chart.

 Budget Variances

Revenues                                                 Fav $ 29 K


Interest on District Cash was $ 22 K favorable due to improved rates

Net assessments were favorable by $ 5 K due resident lost discount


Normal Operating Expenses                               Fav $ 170 K


Landscape Maintenance - $ 80 K fav due mostly to activities not required

Property Appraiser -  $ 26 K fav due to discontinued cost sharing           

Park Attendants & Patrol -  $ 24 K fav due to turnover and resulting rate savings

Electricity-  $ 16 K fav due to lower LED lighting energy use     

Tax Collector - $ 16 K fav budget savings sharing with District


Project-Driven Expenses                           Fav $ 80 K


Delays principally due the Bruce B Downs expansion


Sources, Uses and Allocation of Funds

                                                                                                                                                                        ( $ 000)

District Cash  9/30/17                                             $ 4,231

The CDD Board of Supervisors Meets Monthly

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813 977-3337

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