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Updated Jan 18, 2014

Watersheds and Tampa Palms


Tampa Palms Drainage

There are three important watersheds (also called drainage basins) in the immediate vicinity of Tampa Palms; the Trout Creek Basin, the Cypress Creek Basin and the all important Hillsborough River watershed.


Storm water flows from Tampa Palms and nearby communities as follows:

  • Storm water from Tampa Palms, west of BB Downs , and our neighbor TP North, flows to the Cypress Creek watershed which in turns flows into the Hillsborough River at the southern boundary of Tampa Palms.

  • Storm water from Tampa Palms east of BB Downs flows directly to the Hillsborough River.

  • Storm water from TPOST 3 flows into the  Trout Creek watershed, which joins the Hillsborough River just east of Tampa Palms.

To view aerial maps depicting the watershed basins and water flows click here.


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