Tips When
You Travel

Arrange to have someone such as a neighbor pickup your newspaper or have your paper delivery halted while you are away.

Ask a neighbor to pick up sales fliers left at your home.

Have your mail held by the post office.

Use an automatic timer for lights and a radio or television to give the illusion that someone is home.


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Updated Jan, 2016


Vacation Watch
Keeping Your Home Safe
While You're Away


The Tampa Police Dept offers an added sense of security when you go on vacation or go out of town the Tampa PD Vacation Watch Program.

With the Vacation Watch Program you can leave your residence knowing that law enforcement will be checking it for you.

Its simple to sign up, just fill out the Vacation Watch form which is available three ways:
1. On line by selecting the link to the right below and emailing the  

    form to Gisela Ortiz.
2. On line on the City website by clicking this link
3. At Compton Park

For more information contact Zalavia Brown .

Telephone  813 931-6541.




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