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Updated 3/4/2012


Tampa Palms Residential and Commercial Modifications FAQ's

Basketball Hoops


“All playground equipment…must have the approval of the RMC”

- All basketball goals must be permanently mounted in the ground. No portable goals will be approved.

- The pole shall be black or white, 7-10 feet high, and must be erected approximately halfway between the garage and the sidewalk on either side, facing the driveway.

- The backboard must be clear with no conspicuous writing and minimal graphics.

- Shrubbery or buffering landscaping must be installed directly behind the structure to soften the effect and alleviate the starkness of the pole.

- A picture or brochure of the structure, a site plan depicting its intended placement, letters from your neighbors and a landscaping plan must accompany the RMC form.


(Click here for printable RMC form.)